Water Flow Sensor

Flowie is an intelligent water leak detector that learns water use patterns to lower water bills and prevent damage. Flowie also monitors and sends alerts for power outages, temperature, humidity, leaks, and unusual water usage. Flowie is specially designed for use with indoor water meters.

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flowie water sensor
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water use


power outages


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Installs in Seconds

Flowie straps onto water meters for residential and commercial properties. No plumbing knowledge, tools or, WiFi required.





leak detected



one dashboard, many benefits

Watch the video to see how insights from water use data help you save big on water costs and minimize property damage.

Water usage patterns

Water running time


save water. save money.


Average water bill savings


Potential insurance discount


Average cost of a flooded basement

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water damage security system

No power? No problem. Instant alerts and 24/7 monitoring even in a power outage.

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Cellular connection

Backup battery

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5 sensors in 1

Flowie's intelligent leak detection technology catches the leaks you can’t see or hear and also sends alerts for power loss, temperature and humidity.

High Water Use

faucet dripping water


Power Outage


Pipe Freezing


house protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors
Alert Labs dashboard showing the Compare tab Alert Labs dashboard showing the Events tab Alert Labs dashboard showing the Map tab

multi-property command centre

Use one platform for all properties: monitor water events, identify high water cost buildings, benchmark water usage, and compare key indicators.

home and commercial use

Compatible with water meters for single/multi-family, commercial, and government buildings.

Flowie on a residential meter
Flowie on a commercial meter
Flowie on a compound meter




Flowie water sensor

$ 595
+ $120/year monitoring

the alert labs team of smart sensors

Professional grade. Affordable price.

Floodie flood detection sensor


flood sensor

Prevents water damage with leak & flood alerts. The average basement flood is $43,000. Reduces premiums with many insurance carriers. Needs a cellular sensor: Flowie, Sumpie or Sentree.

$ 125
Sumpie sump pump sensor


sump pump sensor

Sends alerts about rising water levels, pending sump pump failures and floods. Helps save on insurance and prevent catastrophes.

$ 595
+ monitoring
Sentree air conditioner sensor


A/C monitoring system

Helps keep A/C units running optimally.

$ 695
+ monitoring

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