A/C Monitoring System

The Sentree A/C monitoring system provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of air conditioning systems to keep them running optimally and reduce energy consumption. Sentree tracks A/C health and sends alerts when unusual activity occurs, which helps reduce truck rolls, increase maintenance revenue, and boost customer retention.

sentree air conditioner sensor
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Pressure gauge reading close to the maximum pressure reading


thermometer reading almost maximum temperature


EKG trace for single heartbeat

a/c health

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increase maintenance revenue

Start selling monitoring plans or add to current offerings for your customers. Getting started has never been easier.

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Grow business with service plans


Stand out from the competition

decrease service costs

Rich data from the Alert Labs App and Dashboard keep you informed about customer properties before you make onsite visits.


Plan maintenance calls

Reduce truck rolls

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emergency notifications and alerts

Instant text messages, emails, and in-app alerts immediately tell you when there is a problem with an A/C unit. Provide better customer service by responding to problems faster.

thermometer with measurement markings floating outside<


pressure gauge reading close to maxed out



Refrigerant and Compressor Valve Leaks

always connected

A cellular connection that does not require a separate carrier agreement, on-site internet, or WiFi connection.

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No WIFI pairing required

Cell tower broadcasting a signal

Cellular connection keeps Sentree working 24/7

sentree air conditioner sensor installed next to air conditioner

total property protection

Easily pair Floodie flood sensors with Sentree to protect properties from water damage while monitoring A/C. Place Floodie in areas at risk for leaks and floods: near water heater tanks, washing machines, sump pits, and under sinks.

installs in 10 minutes

Sentree is designed for most residential A/C units and can be quickly installed by an HVAC professional/technician. It takes less than 10 minutes to attach the temperature, current, and pressure sensors and mount Sentree to a wall or the A/C unit.

Temperature sensors

Pressure sensors

Current sensor

Alert labs desktop app and mobile app showing Sentree page
Alert labs app and dashboard showing the Sentree view for commercial users.
Alert labs dashboard displaying a list of properties

dashboard & app for homeowners

The end user platform provides instant alerts and 24 hour monitoring to inform homeowners about A/C performance. They will love knowing their home will stay cool without unexpected service interruptions.

dashboard & app for contractors

Historical data and analytics enable service teams to provide proactive maintenance and repairs which can lead to more efficient service dispatch and increased customer satisfaction.

command center for all A/C units

Monitor multiple customer properties in one place. Assign service team members to individual properties to receive emergency alerts and A/C analytics.



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