intelligent water management

Leak and flood detection for schools

Achieve water conservation and efficiency goals with real-time monitoring and analytics.

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school building
Flowie has given us the ability to monitor our water consumption down to the minute. This has allowed our Operations, Maintenance, and Facilities staff to be alerted of leaks and running toilets and sinks long before any staff on site even realized there was a problem.”
-Energy Coordinator, School Board in Ontario
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map of a school campus with buildings highlighted and the alert text from the sensor at those buildings displayed'

monitor entire campuses

See water usage alerts and detailed analytics at each school property to focus cost savings.

map of a school district with a school building highlighted and the alert text from the sensor at that buildings displayed

... and districts

Benchmark water usage across entire school districts to identify inefficiencies and reduce water bills.

in one school district alone…

Water sensors installed at a school district revealed that 6 out of 7 schools had ongoing leaks. Water was also being used 72% of the time, well above the 30% benchmark. After receiving alerts and taking steps to resolve these issues, school administrators were able to achieve ROI for product purchase in just 17 days.

$50K /yr

the annual savings experienced by one school district



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multiple computers and a phone showing different screens from the Alert Labs app.

operations console

Monitor all buildings 24/7 and receive instant text messages, emails, and in-app alerts when there is a problem. Protect expensive IT and laboratory assets by responding immediately to leak and flood events.

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Alerts for leaks and floods

lower water bills

Maximize water use efficiency with higher resolution data and a more intuitive user experience than current automated metering infrastructure (AMI/BAS) alternatives. Affordable minute by minute water usage information identifies plumbing fixtures and appliances that waste water.

Tap with drop of water which is radiating signal outwards<

Intelligent leak detection


Track and quantify routine maintenance such as lead flushing

easy to understand analytics

The intuitive app and dashboard keep records of events at all buildings. Unlimited access to historical data and analytics about system performance enable proactive maintenance and repairs. Exporting data for recording and reporting purposes is easy.

thermometer with measurement markings floating outside<

Monitor the temperature of portables and other facilities

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Sensors work at long ranges to protect all buildings

teacher poiting to drawing of leaking faucet on blackboard

smarter water savings


of school properties had ongoing leaks detected by Alert Labs


increase in school water bills as a result of leaks

quick installation

Alert Labs sensors and monitoring platform are designed to be used by anyone. Training takes minutes not days.

snapping fingers

2-minute DIY install

crossed out wrench

No tools required

always connected

Unlike WiFi devices, Alert Labs leak and flood sensors provide 24/7 property protection, even during power outages.

Cell tower broadcasting a signal

Always on cellular connection

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No WIFI pairing


water flow sensor

The only water flow sensor that straps onto a water meter in seconds for real-time water use monitoring.

faucet dripping water



pipe freezing

Shower with timer

water use


companion sensor

The most intuitively designed waterproof and reusable flood sensor available.

icon-flood-alarms-smallwater puddle with volume symbol

flood alarms

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long range

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