reduce bills.
minimize damage.

with leak & flood detection

From leaking dishwashers and ice machines to running toilets and dripping faucets, restaurant owners are at risk from these costly sources of water damage and high water bills. Help protect your assets with smart leak and flood detection sensors from Alert Labs.

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total property protection

24/7 monitoring means complete peace of mind. Stay informed and preserve your business assets with instant text and email alerts.

114% roi for restaurant in 1 month

A restaurant owner discovered that her water bill jumped 525% in a single month. She installed Flowie and used its real-time water monitoring to identify the source of the high water bill: an ice machine with a broken valve. She fixed the machine and saved $633 per month or, $7600 a year. That's an ROI of 114% in a month and 2,476% in a year! The owner continues to keep her water bill low thanks to water usage alerts from Flowie.

1 Month 1 Year
ROI 114% 2,476%
Savings $633 $7,600
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most reliable connection

Unlike WiFi devices, Alert Labs sensors use a cellular connection to continue sending critical alerts even in a power outage.

Monitor the power on status at your properties

Cell tower broadcasting a signal

No need for WiFi pairing — Flowie uses a cellular connection with no contracts

significant savings

Real-time water monitoring uses algorithms to detect running toilets, inefficient water-using appliances, and leaky plumbing fixtures. Water bills are reduced 18% on average.

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Intermittent leaks

Shower with timer

Continuous leaks

High water usage

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Flood cord accessory

Flood Cable


Extend Floodie’s water detection area around water heaters, toilets, or along pipelines (2.5 m long).

$ 35
Floodie flood sensor with flood cable accessory

Temperature cable accessory

Temperature Cable


Customize temperature range to help prevent problems like pipe freezing or food spoilage (3 m long). Temperature range is -55C (-67F) to 125C (257F).

$ 35

the alert labs team of smart sensors

Professional grade. Affordable price.

Flowie remote water flow and leak sensors


water flow sensors

Reduces water bills and prevents damage with instant alerts for leaks, floods, humidity, temperature and power outages.

starting from
$ 595
+ monitoring
Floodie flood detection sensor


flood sensor

Prevents water damage with leak & flood alerts. The average basement flood is $43,000. Reduces premiums with many insurance carriers. Needs a cellular sensor: Flowie, Sumpie or Sentree.

$ 150
Sumpie sump pump sensor


sump pump sensor

Sends alerts about rising water levels, pending sump pump failures and floods. Helps save on insurance and prevent catastrophes.

$ 595
+ monitoring

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