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languages spoken
10 million+
litres of water saved
Eggo to Freezie consumption ratio
Analog clock face at 4 o'clock

Flexible schedule

Pop can with bubbles streaming upwards next to beer bottle

Weekly happy hours

Two palm trees on an island

Competitive vacation policy

Popsicle next to bag of chips

Stocked snack cupboard

Floppy eared dog face

Office dog / morale officer

business development

Business Development Representative

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Inclusion Policy

To include, or not include - that is never the question; Whether it is nobler to be more open minded, more considerate, more diverse, more welcoming, more kind, more effective, more encouraging, more smart(er) - that is the question. And the answer is YES! It is important to our team to hire excellent, dedicated, and creative folks, and it's just as important to us to welcome talent from people of all colours, genders, ages, sexuality, and beliefs.

Alert Labs Inc.
Kitchener, ON
N2G 1V9