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reduce water damage risk and claims

Water claims are on the rise for insurers everywhere. Traditional water monitoring solutions are too expensive and not scalable. Now, with Alert Labs sensors insurance carriers are ending the cycle of: flood, claim, repeat.

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Complete Leak & Flood Solution

Alert Labs sensors provide cutting-edge, 24/7 monitoring and alerts for the most common causes of water loss. Sensors are cellular connected, low cost, install without tools, and provide additional value and insights to policyholders improving their customer satisfaction and loyalty.

We all know that response time to a flood situation is critical for minimization of claims. With out sensors, policyholders are informed of what's happening at their properties. They can take proactive steps when emergencies occur, minimizing or eliminating claims altogether.

Our proven systems demonstrate real savings for the insurer with very fast payback.

snapping fingers

easy peasy

No tools, no training,

no contractors


24/7 protection

Even without power or
internet access


insights & value

To save you and your
customers money



Reduce risk at policyholder
properties for less than $400


Easy Install

With a DIY install that takes just seconds, our water sensors can be deployed by anyone without tools or plumbing expertise.

water damage security system

Unlike devices that rely on WiFi, Alert Labs sensors use a cellular connection to send alerts 24/7 even in a power outage. Properties are always connected and protected no mater what's happening outside.


Monitor the power on status at your properties

Cell tower broadcasting a signal

No need for WiFi pairing — Flowie uses a cellular connection with no contracts

whole property protection

Our sensors work in residential and commercial properties, monitoring for all water related problems.

faucet dripping water





Pipe Freezing

Lightning bolt

Power Outages



restaurant and single house protected by Flowie water sensor and Floodie flood sensors
Colin Macintosh, property services manager at the House of Friendship

average water claim $43,000

A supportive housing charity avoided over $10,000 in water damages and wasted resources within two months of installing the Floodie flood sensor in each unit at a 9-story apartment building. Over a year, the water damage costs could have totalled more than the average $43,0000 claim.

Alert Labs app and dashboard examples on a laptop and mobile phone

give policyholders peace of mind

Real-time water use monitoring reduces water bills 18% on average. Algorithms benchmark normal water use and detect unusual water activity that can also cause damage such as leaky plumbing fixtures. Policyholders get peace of mind when they know their property is protected.

faucet dripping water

Intermittent leaks

Shower with timer

Continous leaks

High water usage

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Overflow warnings

active loss prevention


Gain insight into the risk types and water loss claims


Support the growing demands of connected policyholders


Use the devices and data to protect against recurring losses and future claims


Understand homes that may exhibit leading indicators for other risks like theft and fire

map of greater Toronto area with water damage prevention costs for a single property
Flowie remote water flow and leak sensor


water flow sensor

By monitoring water usage minute-by-minute, Flowie detects water leaks that can go unnoticed.

$ 395
+ monitoring
Floodie flood detection sensor


flood sensor

The Floodie companion sensor is a flood sensor that works with Flowie and Sumpie to send alerts when it detects a flood.

$ 90
Sumpie sump pump sensor


sump pump sensor

11% of insurance claims come from failed sump pumps. This is the worlds first predictive sump pump monitor.

$ 395
+ monitoring

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