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Flowie installed on a water meter

Receive $100 off the Flowie water sensor through the City of Guelph Residential Sub-Water Meter Program. Water use monitoring protects your home or property from leaks, floods and high water bills.

Fill out the application form along with your Flowie proof of purchase.

portrait of mayor Cam Guthrie
It's so easy, even a mayor can do it!

- Cam Guthrie, mayor, City of Guelph

single & multi residential use

Flowie and Floodie provide leak and flood protection for buildings up to 10 stories high. Customized solutions are also available for larger buildings.



frozen pipes

water use

power outage


residential and commercial properties protected by flowie and floodie leak and flood sensors
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easy to install

Flowie straps on to your municipal water meter. That's it. No tools required.

always on

In a power outage, Flowie keeps working when WiFi devices quit.

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no need for wifi

Connects to a cellular network. No need for a separate data plan either.

Save $600 a year with intelligent leak detection

Flowie monitors your water usage and finds the leaks that go unnoticed.

A homeowner saved over $600 year after Flowie found a hidden leaks in two toilets.

GRAPHIC/Leak Detected Graph RedWater data graph showing a leak
GRAPHIC/Leak Detected Graph Red SmallWater data graph showing a leak

real-time alerts

See what’s happening in your home, even when you’re not there. Track your water use down to the minute and receive instant alerts about abnormal water use, leaks and floods. Conserve water, save money, and prevent costly water damage.

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meet flowie

Straps onto your water meter and sends instant water usage and leak alerts to your phone.

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flowie water sensor
floodie water sensor

this is floodie

Works with your Flowie to alert you when it detects a flood.

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floodie and flowie sensors
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