Reduce your water bill

Prevent water damage

The Alert Labs Flowie + Floodie leak and flood kit helps you conserve water, detect leaks and floods, and save money.

A property owner saved $200 a month in water and a restaurant $630 a month after installing the kit.

Visit the Canadian Tire at the Burlington Mall to see Flowie and Floodie in action.


Visit Canadian Tire

Exclusive at Canadian Tire - Burlington Mall

See Flowie and Floodie in person. Check out our display at the Canadian Tire on 777 Guelph Line, Burlington Mall.


See what’s happening in your property, even when you’re not there. Track your water use down to the minute and get instant alerts about abnormal water use, leaks and floods. Choose how to receive those alerts by email, text or an app. Conserve water, save money and prevent costly water damage.


First year of monitoring & analysis free

(regular $4.99/month)