Water Flow Sensor and Flood Detector Pre-Orders Now Open, First Shipments Nov 1st

by AL Support September 19, 2016

Water Flow Sensor and Flood Detector Pre-Orders Now Open, First Shipments Nov 1st

Alert Labs is excited to announce that the first products from it's Insight Series are now available for pre-order, with shipments scheduled to start November 1st, 2016.


The introductory offer includes both the Water Flow Sensor and Flood Detector for $299, and using discount code PREORDNOW-20 provides a 20% hardware discount and includes the first year of monitoring fees (a $50 value). This pre-order discount is only available until October 15th, or until this production run is sold out. 


Easy to Install


the flowie water flow sensor


Flowie provides both real-time and ongoing insight into water activities at your properties. Water usage and consumption are reported for customers to view on their phones or an online dashboard, and emergencies like flood, leaks, or unexpected water use are reported immediately to a customer's phone or email. 


"Leveraging decades of experience in building hardware, our engineers designed an extremely simple to install and use solution," says George Tsintzouras, President of Alert Labs. "If you can put on a watch or a FitBit, you can install our Water Flow Sensor. There are no tools or WiFi required. Our battery back-ups ensure that the Flowie Water Flow Sensor continues to report water activity even in the event of a power outage." 


flowie water flow sensor features:


  • Measures and reports water usage
  • Detects leaks and abnormal usage
  • Reports trends and analytics on water use, costs, changes, etc.
  • Reports power outages
  • Reports basement temperature and humidity
  • Connects automatically to the cellular network, so no WiFi or networking is required


the floodie flood detector


Floodie companion sensor alerts for water floods or leaks in unwanted locations. It also send an 'all-clear' message if water is no longer present. The Flood Detector connects to any of Alert Labs' sensors to send alerts, and an unlimited number of Flood Detectors can be installed at a property with no additional monthly monitoring fee. 


Flood Detector


monthly monitoring and analytics:


"While we're proud of how easy it is to install our hardware, we're even more excited about the value and knowledge that our customers gain through through their data portal and advanced analytics," shares Tsintzouras, "We know that measurement leads to improvements, and the knowledge that our customers gain about resource use leads to conservation - both of money and of our natural resources."


water usage monitoring and analytics include:


  • 24x7 monitoring for real-time alerts, data analysis, and reporting
  • Insightful data analysis accessible by mobile, web, or in-app
  • Historical trends and comparison (greater usage, improved efficiency, etc.)
  • Cross referencing with other Alert Labs sensors to identify efficiency and cost savings (e.g. comparison of water consumption and water softener operation will identify optimal salt use.)
  • Correlation with third party data e.g. weather patterns to verify efficient operations of equipment


Phone and online notifications


pre-order now


Customers can pre-order now to secure their place in the limited first production run of these products designed to protect basements for home owners, landlords, and property managers. Pre-ordered Water Flow Sensors and Flood Detectors are schedule to ship in November 2016. Sump Pump, Water Softener, and Furnace sensors are scheduled to roll out over the coming months.


leaks and floods cost thousands of dollars


  • The average household's leaks can waste the water needed to wash 270 loads of laundry.[1]
  • A single toilet leak can cost $600 per year in wasted water.[1]
  • 44% of insurance claims are from water damage.[2]
  • 93% of water damage claims are preventable.[2]
  • Most insurance companies offer homeowners a 5-10% discount for a professional water monitoring solution.
  • A leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip per second can waste enough water to take more than 180 showers.[1] 



1. United States Environmental Protection Agency: https://www3.epa.gov/watersense/pubs/fixleak.html 

2. Insurance Bureau of Canada: http://www.ibc.ca/ns/resources/industry-resources/insurance-fact-book 



about alert labs


Alert Labs Inc. is a software, hardware, and IoT technology firm in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The experienced team designs attractive, easy-to-use cellular-connected sensors, with rich data analytics and reporting, to protect basements for property managers, landlords, and homeowners. Alert Labs is associated with CommunitechThe Accelerator Centre, and the City of Guelph Civic Accelerator.


Media Contact:
Ruth Casselman
VP, Operations
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AL Support


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