Flowie Saves Ontario Property Manager More Than $5000 In Leaky Toilet Costs

by AL Support January 18, 2018

Flowie Saves Ontario Property Manager More Than $5000 In Leaky Toilet Costs


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executive summary


Paul Kondakos is a real estate investor and the president and CEO of Realty Hub, an online community for “investors to communicate, network, share intelligence and insight” about real estate investment. After an undetected running toilet cost Paul thousands of dollars, he began looking for water sensor technology to prevent high water costs. He installed Flowie water sensors at his properties. Within a few days, Flowie detected problems that would have cost him more than $5000 a year.


“I would wholeheartedly recommend this product to every single landlord and I have personally made Flowie an integral part of my property management solution”



As a manager of 12 multi-residential properties in the Greater Toronto Area, Paul Kondakos, felt vulnerable “to both water abuse and undetected water leaks.” He received a water bill for more than $4000 caused by an unreported toilet leak where the flapper was stuck open and the tenant neglected to report it. Normal usage for that building was 100 cubic meters per month. That month it was 1700 cubic meters. After this water bill disaster, he started looking for technology that could detect hidden leaks and prevent high water bills. Paul searched to find sensors that offer real-time reports and send alerts as soon as a problem is detected. He discovered the Flowie water sensor by Alert Labs and has reaped savings in time and money since.


“So far, Flowie has helped to identify 3 leaky toilets and has given me a much better understanding of water usage patterns at my properties. I was searching for this type of product for well over a year.”


9 out 10 customers install Alert Labs' sensors without needing to contact customer service

Like all Alert Labs’ products and software, Flowie was designed by property managers for property managers. Flowie’s two-minute DIY install ensures that no matter your technical expertise, installation will be a breeze.

“The ease of installation of the Flowie blew me away. It was easy, intuitive and I was able to have it up and running within minutes. I tried installing a competitor’s product before trying the Flowie and it was so convoluted that I gave up.”


insights from water analytics


The Dashboard and App display water consumption data and send email and text notifications when Flowie detects unusual water usage, leaks, floods or pipe freezing temperatures.

“I particularly like that the dashboard shows you how much water you have consumed today and compares it against typical water usage for that day making it easy to determine if something is not quite right.”


instant savings on water bill


A graph showing water use before and after Flowie was installed

Water use before and after Flowie was installed. Water costs decreased significantly after Flowie detected a hidden leak which was then repaired.


Paul installed Flowie water sensors at his properties and they immediately detected water consumption problems.

“Flowie helped to spot leaks at 2 of my apartment buildings within 24 hours of installation and in essence paid for themselves right off the bat.”


contact us


For more information on how Flowie can help you manage your properties, contact David Iacocca, Director Business Development, david@alertlabs.com or visit our contact us page.



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