Alert Labs and Water Matrix partner to save property managers millions of litres in wasted water

by Support Team May 14, 2019

Alert Labs and Water Matrix partner to save property managers millions of litres in wasted water

Business owners often seem to accept that any level of water usage is normal, not realizing that water is being wasted and that they are overpaying due to undetected inefficiencies. To help optimize water usage at residential and commercial properties, Alert Labs, manufacturer of smart building sensors and software, and Water Matrix, water conservation experts, announced their partnership today.


For more than 30 years Water Matrix Inc. has been a leading provider of water management systems and services to institutions, commercial entities and multi-residential properties. The company is working with Alert Labs to conserve water and reduce water costs by using innovative and cost-effective products.


water sensors provide insight, value


Alert Labs’ team of water sensors: Flowie, Floodie and Sumpie will provide data and intuitive insights to further improve the efficiencies and savings that Water Matrix’s turnkey services and water management systems currently deliver to its customers across Canada.

“For three decades we’ve been invested in helping our customers conserve and manage water,” said Mark Mininch, Executive Vice President at Water Matrix. “We’ve been able to save hundreds of millions of litres of water through our high efficiency products and water consultation services. The Alert Labs smart building sensors and software provide value to our customers. This partnership will further decrease water loss risk for property owners while increasing Water Matrix’s ability to help manage water use and costs throughout the multi-residential sector.”


the team of smart water sensors


The Alert Labs team of smart sensors includes the Flowie smart water flow sensor and Floodie companion flood sensor. These water sensors provide 24/7 water use monitoring, and leak and flood protection. Customers who have installed Flowie and Floodie have reduced water use by an average of 18% - 23% and prevented thousands of dollars in water damage. Alert Labs newest water sensor, the Sumpie sump pump sensor, monitors sump pit water levels in real-time and tells you when the sump pump isn’t operating efficiently.


reliable connection. reliable data.


Alert Labs sensors use a cellular network and do not require on-site internet, or WiFi connection. Backup battery power keeps the devices working, even in a power outage. The Dashboard, for computer and mobile devices, provides service teams with access to detailed data and analytics about their customers’ properties to help ensure that issues are identified and repaired before they become bigger problems.


Dashboard monitors water, leaks, floods and power outages

The Alert Labs Dashboard compares water costs across all properties


 “We’re proud to partner with Water Matrix,” says George Tsintzouras, CEO of Alert Labs. “Working with companies that understand the importance of managing and conserving water is critical to preserving the world’s most valuable natural resource. We look forward to helping Water Matrix save their customers even more with our sensors as part of their water management solutions.”


Alert Labs and Water Matrix will be at the CFAA-RHC 2019 conference, May 13th-15th, Hyatt Regency, Toronto. To learn more about their products and services, visit them at the conference.



About Water Matrix

Water Matrix has been delivering sustainable water solutions since 1989. Over the last thirty years, Water Matrix has developed an unparalleled expertise and technical proficiency that allows us to deliver custom water solutions across industries and business sizes. This experience means that we know how to partner with you to deliver against your goals – water savings, energy efficiency, environmental certifications (e.g. LEED), renewal/resale, service or monitoring.



Twitter: @WaterMatrix

LinkedIn: Water Matrix Inc.


About Alert Labs

Alert Labs Inc. is a software, hardware, and IoT technology firm in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The experienced team designs and manufactures a suite of smart sensors that are on the cutting edge of property protection. These easy-to-use sensors use a cellular connection to provide real-time monitoring and 24/7 alerts with powerful analytics to reduce utility bills, property damage and repair costs for residential and commercial properties. The company partners with property managers, insurance companies, municipalities, schools and other organizations throughout North America.


Facebook: @alertlabsinfo
Twitter: @alertlabsinfo
LinkedIn: Alert Labs Inc.
Instagram: @alertlabs


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Support Team


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