Successful Flowie Pilot In Guelph Expanded To $100 Rebate Program

by AL Support February 08, 2018

Successful Flowie Pilot In Guelph Expanded To $100 Rebate Program

Property owners in the City of Guelph can now receive $100 off the Flowie water sensor for real-time water use monitoring and intelligent leak detection. Guelph is discounting the cost of the strap-on water sensor because it sends alerts about high water usage caused by leaks, identifies inefficient plumbing fixtures and helps reduce wasteful water use habits, to name a few. A local newspaper the Guelph Mercury Tribune has also featured an article about the rebate.


visit for $100 rebate


"In Guelph, we take water conservation really seriously and so any of these types of conservation methods that we can present to the citizens and businesses of Guelph really just help us all," said Guelph Mayor Cam Guthrie when speaking about the ability of Flowie to promote more efficient water use.


The Flowie water meter sensor is classified by Guelph as an add-on sub-meter with smart technology under the Residential Sub-Water Meter Program. The new $100 rebate is part of a suite of incentives aimed at optimizing water use in the city which is already grappling with limited ground water supply.




Many property owners are eligible to purchase Flowie for $159 (retail price of $259) provided that their building:


  • is residential e.g. rental apartment, condo, or single-family
  • is located within City of Guelph limits 
  • has an active Guelph Hydro/Water account


how to get the $100 rebate


Receiving the $100 rebate is easy. Just follow these four steps: 


(1) Purchase Flowie online or at Canadian Tire at Stone Road Mall.

(2) Fill out the City of Guelph Residential Sub-Water Meter Rebate Program Application Form.

(3) Send the Flowie order confirmation email (or Canadian Tire store receipt) and the Rebate Program Application Form to

(4) Receive $100 rebate from the City in 4 - 6 weeks.


success of flowie water sensor kit pilot program


In February 2017, Alert Labs and Guelph began the Flowie water sensor kit program to boost water conservation. Since then, the city has been able to identify water inefficiencies at multiple municipal buildings, save local businesses thousands of dollars off their water bill, and to meet the goal of reducing wasted water in Guelph homes. 


Guelph Water Services Technician, Mathew Newman said, "[Flowie] gives us a lot of opportunities to show where we can save water and make the systems a bit more efficient."


more cities and organizations using iot devices to conserve water


The City of Guelph joins a growing number of municipalities and organizations in Canada that are using smart technology to reduce wasted water. Cities such as Vancouver and Welland have installed Flowie at city buildings to monitor water use. The non-profit Sierra Club Canada Foundation has also partnered with Alert Labs to promote more responsible water taking among water users in Canada.


For more information on the rebate program, visit the City of Guelph webpage.


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